Want to put a name to a face? Coming along for the first time and not sure to who to talk to? Have a look at the QSpace staff and mentors below.


Rachel (she/they) is the co-ordinator of the QSpace and QPlus programs. She has a Diploma in Community Services and used to work with CALD Youth within the Expanded Horizons Program. She is passionate about supporting the LGBTIQAP+ community and some of her interests include photography, prop making, gaming, RPGs, cosplay, reading, writing, art appreciation, food adventures and teaching her dogs new tricks.


Jade (he/him) is an LGBTIQAP+ specialist youth worker at Headspace Southport and assists at QSpace and QPlus sessions. Jade is a passionate knitter, teapot collector and trans person. He has a history of working with LGBTIQAP+ youth in Brisbane and Logan. Jade is involved in many community organisations and trans groups in Brisbane. He is a qualified high school teacher who has worked in disability services and advocates for marginalised communities.


Chiara (she/her) is the group facilitator at QSpace. Before coming on board in September 2018, she had been volunteering at QSpace since 2015, after she completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Suicide Prevention Studies. She is very passionate and dedicated to working with and supporting the young people at QSpace and QPlus. Some of her other passions include reading, writing, and social justice advocacy.


Damian (he/him) is a volunteer for QSpace and occasionally Q+. He is a current psychology student at Griffith University and aspires to make it into post graduate study. Damian was originally an intern with the EHP, but enjoyed it so much he continued his volunteering. He is passionate about supporting LGBTIQAP+ youth, and is interested in things such as outdoor adventuring, riding, skating, photography, music, psychology, and video games.


Melissa (she/her) has been volunteering at QSpace since early 2017. She is currently studying her Ph.D. in criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffith University, which has helped solidify her passion for research into LGBTIQAP+ violence prevention. Outside of uni, Mel trains Brazillian jiu jitsu and plays the keyboard (badly). She also enjoys gardening, makeup, lifting weights, music (indie/alternative rock), playing video-games, doing crafts, writing, and sitting inside with her three cats on rainy days.